I'm having trouble joining a video call within Gimkit

If you're having trouble joining a video call within Gimkit, here's some common issues and how to fix them.

I'm not being asked to join the call

If you weren't asked to join the video call, it means either your teacher didn't attach a call to the game, or your device/browser is unsupported.

Joining video calls only works on laptops and desktops. Additionally, it only works with Google Chrome, Firefox, and the latest version of Microsoft Edge. If your device/browser fails one of these requirements, you should see and alert pop up letting you know why.

Make sure you're following steps to join your teacher's game, detailed here.

I'm getting this error: "The meeting number is wrong"

This error means your teacher entered in the incorrect meeting number when adding the video call to Gimkit. If possible, ask them to update with the correct information.

Something else

Sorry about that! Email us at hello@gimkit.com and we can help you out. Any screenshots/info are appreciated!
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