How to video call within Gimkit

When playing Gimkit remotely, it can be great to have students on a video call. It almost makes it feel like you all are playing in class together.

To help make hosting games while running video calls smoother for you and your students, Gimkit allows you to add Zoom calls to your live Gimkit games.

Students will not need to download Zoom in order to join the call. They'll be able to be part of the call right within their browser and within Gimkit.
Students will only be able to join the Zoom call on laptops and desktops running Google Chrome, Firefox, or the latest version of Microsoft Edge.
When you add a Zoom call to a live game, students will be able to play Gimkit and be part of the call side-by-side. Here's how to get started!

Open Zoom on your computer.

Start a new call.

On the top left, click the "Information" icon and grab the Meeting ID and Password.

Start hosting a new game of Gimkit. Once you see the game code, click "Add Remote Communication".

Select "Zoom" and then enter in your Meeting ID and Password. Then click "Submit".

You're good to go! Once students join your game, they'll be prompted to join the call as well!

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