What is Kitroduce Yourself?

Well, besides an awesome name, Kitroduce Yourself is a limited-time spin on KitCollab!

With KitCollab, students create questions for a Kit by submitting them to the teacher to be added to a Kit that can then be played immediately. To learn more about KitCollab, check out our How To Use KitCollab Article.

Kitroduce Yourself turns KitCollab into the perfect ice breaker for begining of the year classroom introductions.

Using Kitroduce yourself, students can take and attach a photo of themselves with their device to include in the question they submit.

One way to start with Kitroduce Yourself, is with three truths and a lie, using student-snapped photos, submitted in real-time.

How Does Kitroduce Yourself Work?

Start KitCollab as you normally would. The option to add a photo will be available for students when they join the game and add a question.
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