How to share and manage Assignments

Once you create an Assignment you'll be taken to the Assignment Information page for that Assignment. You can also get to this page any time by clicking on your Assignment from the "Assignments" section of your dashboard.

Inside of an Assignment, you'll find a left panel with options to "Share" or "Edit."

Tip: If there are any Reports available for your Assignment, you'll also see a "View Reports" button in the left panel. Reports for Assignments are available if you're also using Classes.
Let's go over how to share your Assignments with your students!

Sharing Assignments

Your students will not see Assignments automatically even if you're using Classes and they have Gimkit accounts, so, after you create an Assignment, you'll want to share it with your students.

When you click into an Assignment, you'll be shown sharing options by default. If you get lost while navigating your Assignment, click "Share" in the left panel to get back to your sharing options.

When you're viewing sharing options in an Assignment, you'll see a Class name for each Class connected to that Assignment. If you don't have Classes connected to your Assignment, you'll see general sharing information.

Within each Class listing, you'll see a link with two buttons below it. You can use those buttons to copy your Assignment link or share it out to your students directly using your preferred communication method.

Tip: Each of your connected Classes has a unique Assignment link. Make sure you're sharing the matching Assignment link with each Class.
If you click the "Copy Link" button, you can paste the link into your preferred communication method, outside of Gimkit.

Clicking on "Share via..." brings up a few different sharing options:

Click the sharing option that works best for you to share your Assignment with your students!

And that's it - you've shared your Assignment! Now, let's look at managing and editing your Assignments.

Managing Assignments

If you need to adjust your Assignment after creating it, click "Edit" in the left panel from inside of your Assignment.

From here, you can edit the following Assignment options as needed:

Due Date
Target Cash
Max Time
Starting Cash

That's all there is to it - now you know how to share and manage your Assignments!
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