Moving Individual Subscriptions to your Group

Group Subscriptions are often used to pay for a teacher who has already purchased an individual upgrade.

This article addresses some of the frequent questions and concerns regarding using Group Subscriptions to upgrade teachers with existing paid plans.

Content in Existing Accounts

Gimkit accounts and subscriptions are two separate things. Subscriptions are simply a layer of permissions that go on top of Gimkit accounts.

Your Group's Admin will use the provided Group Management tool to enter Gimkit account emails and provide upgrades, account by account. Learn more about managing Groups here.

Whether they are on a free or paid plan, your teachers will all keep everything they've created when you upgrade them.

If you're asking your teacher's to change email addresses as part of the Group coverage, they can change their email address directly inside of their Gimkit account.

Individual Subscription Refunds

If your teacher has recently upgraded to a piad plan on their own, we're happy to provide a refund.

Please email Jeff at with the email address of the teacher you're requesting a refund for, as well as your Group Subscription information.

Upgrading a Teacher on an Individual Paid Subscription

Here's how to use your Group Subscription to cover a teacher with an existing individual Subscription:

Use the Group Admin Tool to add the teacher's email account to your Group Subscription

Once ypur teacher has been added to your Group Subscription, they can cancel their Individual Subscription from inside their account

Once they log out and back in, they'll be ready to go

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